McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey

McDonald’s is a fast-food restaurant that has made a mark in more than 100 countries. It was founded in 1940 and was far from what it has become now. It is the old mainstream restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald. They specialize mainly in hamburgers. McDonald’s has recently moved its world headquarters to Chicago. […]

Beginning Reading Strategies

Even Before Kids Can Read the Text, They Can Learn: Title, Author and Illustrator- Teach the Title is the name of the book. The author is the person who writes the story (the words in the book). The illustrator is the person who draws the pictures in the book to help tell the story. Say […]

Choosing Books Based on the Characteristics

The books you choose to read (and the books children choose to read) makes all the difference in becoming a successful reader or not. There are certain characteristics of books that make them compatible to what you are trying to do as a reader. For example, would it make sense to give a child first […]

What is Next in the Pattern?

What ¬†You Need Paper and marker AND one of the following: Different colored blocks Different shaped items (pattern blocks, ball/block,etc) Different items that make sounds (can be simply your body parts) HOW TO Give an example of a pattern. (Use a simple pattern to start). Example: Ball, block, ball block. Tell– A pattern is something […]