What is Next in the Pattern?

What  You Need

  • Paper and marker

AND one of the following:

  • Different colored blocks
  • Different shaped items (pattern blocks, ball/block,etc)
  • Different items that make sounds (can be simply your body parts)


  • Give an example of a pattern. (Use a simple pattern to start). Example: Ball, block, ball block.
  • Tell– A pattern is something that repeats. It can be a color, shape or sounds that repeats!  Example: “It repeats ‘ball, block’ over and over again”
  • Create a pattern together: Find two objects and lay them down. Repeat the pattern on the floor. Example: square block,, square, triangle
  • Play “What’s next?”:  Start a pattern.   Child guesses what comes next based on the pattern presented.

Examples:  1.Draw a pattern on paper. Example: Red, Blue, Red, Blue

2. Sound pattern: Clap hands, stomp, clap, stomp

3. Make pattern with objects: banana, orange, banana, orange

Challenge: As the child clearly shows that s/he understands simple A-B patterns (2 objects repeat), teach more complex pattterns.

A-A-B patterns- Example: Red, red, blue, red, red, blue

A-B-C patterns-  Example: ball, sock, marker, ball, sock, marker

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